Torch It with this Grab Bag

Few things satisfy your inner pyromaniac quite like using a blowtorch. BernzOmatic is, by far, the go-to name in torches. From Oxy/MAP torches for brazing and welding to precision pencil flame torches to outdoor camp stoves, BernzOmatic is one of those brands that you’ve come… Read More

Flir C2 Pocket Thermal Camera Review

When we were children, odds are, we were asked, “If you could have one superpower, what would it be?” If you’re like me, you might of answered “X-Ray Vision!” — Well, this is pretty darn close. While it may not be true “x-ray” vision, thermal imaging… Read More

Practical PDF

While browsing the plethora of videos that YouTube has to offer, I stumbled upon an entire playlist of “Ladder Fails” videos. While, I’ll admit that part of me wanted to laugh, the majority part of me was shocked by the volume of people out there… Read More

Replace a Broken Toilet Handle

Toilets are some of the easiest things in the home to work on. They’re very simple machine with few interior moving parts. Essentially, the handle connects to the flapper via chain and upon the release of water the tank is then re-filled to the proper… Read More

The Gloves Are On with StoneBreaker

Having been an avid maker for many years, I’ve come across my fair share of gloves. I have gloves for handling dry ice/liquid nitrogen, gloves to protect against blood-borne pathogens, gloves to prevent stabs/cuts, and even the exact gloves used on the Bentley Motorcars assembly… Read More

SureFire™ Earplugs

You’ve heard it time and time again — “You only get one pair of ears, so you better take care of them.” While this phrase has become commonplace in the work space, it’s very important for everyone to keep top of mind. Your ears are… Read More

PRO Review: RotoZip Kit

I’ve been intrigued with the RotoZip spiral tools for a while. I’ve used the smaller rotary tools (a.k.a. Dremels) for years. On several occasions, they’ve helped out, with their ability to get into a tight place with a variety of burrs, cutter wheels and sanding… Read More

Practical PDF

Since becoming a truck owner roughly a month ago, there are so many ideas out there of what to put on or in the truck that it can be overwhelming at times. That said, one thing that typically rates high on the list is a winch.… Read More

Swing Into this Grab Bag

Monday, I received these amazing products from Undercover, and after putting them on yesterday afternoon, I had to share them. Now, this will just be a preview, I’ll have a full review and a video of them in a few weeks after I put them to… Read More

Blade Show Atlanta

This Weekend, June 5-7th, Blade Show 2015 will be taking place in my backyard in Atlanta. I’m honored to go and can not wait to see all of the exhibitors and artists. Please be sure to tune into my Instagram this Saturday when I’ll be… Read More

AMLI Little Free Library

A few months ago, I approached my leasing office with the idea of building a Little Free Library, a small, enclosed space where residents could bring, exchange, and/or take books for our community. Part of a non-profit organization to raise awareness for reading, Little Free… Read More